10 million children in Afghanistan need humanitarian aid: UNICEF

Children have also been badly affected after the Taliban occupation in Afghanistan. According to the report, 10 million children in this country are in need of humanitarian aid. UNICEF recently made this disclosure. UNICEF has said that about 10 million children in Afghanistan need humanitarian aid to survive.

UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta H. Fore said, ‘About 10 million children in Afghanistan need humanitarian aid to survive. This year 10 million children suffered from malnutrition and died without treatment.

In his statement, Henrietta said that at least 4.2 million children are out of school, including more than 2.2 million girls. The United Nations has documented more than 2,000 serious violations of children’s rights since January. Also said that about 4,35,000 children and women have been internally displaced. Fore further said that this is a grim reality facing Afghan children and continues to remain so despite ongoing political developments and changes in government.

UNICEF’s statement came at a time when the UN agency estimates that children and women will have humanitarian needs in the coming months due to the severe drought and water shortage in Afghanistan due to the Corona epidemic. Fore said that we are deeply committed to the cause of the children of the country and there is still more work to do.

On August 15, Afghanistan was captured by the Taliban, after which the people there have been continuously migrating. The situation is deteriorating continuously. People of all countries are working to save their citizens.


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