20 vehicles collide with each other due to sand storm in Utah, USA, 7 people died

Several vehicles collided with each other after being hit by a sand storm in Utah, USA, killing some people. The Utah Highway Patrol reported that at least seven people were killed in a 20-vehicle collision during a sandstorm on Sunday afternoon. According to a press report, the accident happened on Interstate 15 near the city of Kanosh.

Several people suffered serious injuries due to the accident and were reportedly admitted to hospitals. Ground and air ambulances were used to transport the accident victims. Several vehicles were seen damaged at the site of the accident and their debris was seen scattered far and wide. The truck and the car are seen above each other in the accident. According to the information received, the speed of the storm was 51 mph.

The Highway Patrol said strong winds caused a dust or sandstorm that reduced visibility as the vehicle collided with you. In which 7 people died. It has not yet been officially told how many people were injured in the accident. But it can be seen from the pictures of the accident that the number of injured could be higher. It is also being told that the names of the victims will not be disclosed to anyone for 24 hours.

Interstate 15 remained partially closed late Sunday night. Traffic around the accident site was diverted through another route. Let us tell you that Kanosh is located about 160 miles (258 km) south of Salt Lake City.


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