45,083 new cases in the country in the last 24 hours, 460 patients died

The speed of corona is increasing once again in India. According to the latest data released, in the last 24 hours, 460 people have lost their lives in the country with 45,083 cases. At the same time, 35,840 patients have also been cured. At present, the total number of active cases is 3,68,558. It is a matter of relief that the recovery rate has reached 97.53 percent. At the same time, with the weakening of the second wave in Kerala, the pace of infection is increasing. Close to 45 thousand cases are being registered here continuously for the last five days. Alam is that the Chief Minister of the state Pirnai Vijayan was forced to impose night curfew.

More than 40 thousand cases registered for the fourth consecutive day

This is the fourth consecutive day, when more than 40 thousand cases have been registered in the country. Earlier on Thursday, 46164 on Friday, 44658 on Saturday, 46759 corona cases were registered. Kerala is the main reason for the increase in corona cases across the country. Because for the fourth consecutive day in Kerala, more than 30 thousand cases of corona virus infection have been reported on Saturday.

Corona guidelines extended till 30 September

Apart from Kerala, cases of corona are also increasing continuously in Maharashtra, Mizoram, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Meanwhile, on the last day, the period of Corona guidelines has been extended till 30 September by the Central Government. The Center has asked the states to take extra vigil and vigil during the festive season.

Till August 28, more than 63 crore vaccine doses were given.

According to the Union Health Ministry, till August 28, 63 crore 9 lakh 17 thousand doses of corona vaccine have been given across the country. According to media reports, 73.85 lakh vaccines have been administered on the last day. At the same time, the Indian Council of Medical Research said that 51 crore 86 lakh corona tests have been done so far.


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