A 15-feet crocodile came with water in Shiv Market, the photo was taken by the youth risking their lives

There are many such rivers in Madhya Pradesh, where the water level often rises due to heavy rains. In such a situation, crocodiles are also found in these rivers. Sometimes the water flows and reaches the cities and villages. The surprising thing is that on Wednesday, a 15 feet crocodile appeared in the meat market of Shivpuri. In such a situation, when the youth saw this, instead of informing the forest department, he tied himself with a rope and started taking selfies with him.

Crocodiles have come out in different areas in Shivpuri in the last seven days

In Shivpuri, three crocodiles have come out in different areas in the last seven days. The special thing is that here the youth are catching these crocodiles themselves. The forest department is also giving information about the crocodile by the local resident. Not only this, the youth are getting photographed with these crocodiles. When people saw a 15 feet crocodile in Shivpuri, they tied themselves with ropes taking a risk. After this he started having fun by lifting him on his shoulders.

Youth engaged in making selfies and videos

Not only this, people made selfies, photos and videos with him. In such a situation, the negligence of these youth can cost them heavily! Because crocodile can attack young at any time.

Crocodile is dangerous creature

Explain that crocodile is a dangerous creature found in water and on earth. This creature with rough skin, rough body and strong jaws is such that it gives goosebumps to it. They are one of the oldest living organisms on Earth and include both mammals and reptiles.

Terrible and frightening, the skin of this creature is considered to be bulletproof, which is claimed to not be pierced even by a gunshot, but even after this many of its species are on the verge of extinction due to human hunting. Its skin is counted among the best skins in the world and is very popular in the fashion industry.


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