Afghan will become a safe haven for Pakistan-based terrorist organizations after Taliban capture: Experts

The new Taliban government in Afghanistan has made many big announcements and claims, but experts and political leaders believe that the Taliban administration may have to face governance issues. He stressed that the Taliban first lost control of the country in 2001 and that Afghan society had changed significantly.

A webinar was organized on Wednesday by the European Foundation for South Asian Studies, an Amsterdam-based think-tank. The webinar was titled “Afghanistan and the Region Post – Taliban Takeover”. Speaking at the webinar, he also expressed concern over Afghanistan becoming a safe place for terror groups based in Pakistan.

Nargis Nehan, Afghanistan’s former Minister of Mines, Petroleum and Industry and founder of the NGO ‘Equality for Peace and Democracy’, argued that the Taliban cabinet had failed to represent both Afghanistan’s gender and ethnic diversity. He further said that the governance difficulties are different now than before the Taliban administration because Afghan citizens have shown awareness and are opposing the Taliban.

Nehan said that since Afghan society has changed significantly since the Taliban first lost control of the country in 2001, the new Taliban administration may face various governance issues. Nehan argued that the new government policies should focus on ensuring social unity and social peace.

Dorothy Vandam, EFSAS Research Fellow and Research Fellow at the Genesis Network, said China is only waiting for Afghanistan to stabilize so that potential deals such as the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) can be done. He highlighted that China is not interested in the human rights situation in Afghanistan but is looking forward to exploiting the country’s potential.

Timothy Foxley, a political and military analyst, former senior analyst at the British Ministry of Defense, Swedish Ministry of Defense and SIPRI and currently an EFSAS Research Fellow, said the Taliban government is a minority force and appears to have little popular support. The ongoing fighting in the Panjshir Valley shows the mistakes of the Taliban.


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