Afghans demanding refugee status, protest outside UNHCR

Afghan citizens living in India after the Taliban rule in Afghanistan, who fled to India many years ago in fear, are now more scared. They are all worried about their future. They do not want to return to Afghanistan for the time being. And for his better life, he has been sitting on a dharna outside the United Nations High Commission for Refugee (UNHCR) office located in Vasant Vihar, capital Delhi for more than 10 days. Among the people sitting on the dharna are men, women, elderly people and small children. These people are continuously raising slogans with their PAN card in their hand demanding refugee status.

It has also been raining in Delhi for the last three days, but despite these adverse conditions, Afghan citizens are adamant about the demand for refugee status. Afghan Solidarity Committee member Mohammad Kays Malik Jada is saying that it is raining. But we are obliged. Our money has run out. There is no money to rent a house for food. When we have come here as refugees, it is the duty of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) to support us. But we are not getting any support from UNHCR.

Money stopped coming from Afghanistan

Afghan citizens sitting on dharna tell that in Afghanistan they had given their house on rent to shop etc. The money that came from him used to run his house during his stay in India. But after the changed situation in Afghanistan, money has stopped coming to them from there. Due to this, a big financial crisis has arisen in front of them. All the doors of income are closed. In such circumstances, all the hopes of an Afghan citizen are from the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR).

Resume granting refugee status

According to Raidaza, “Afghan citizens want that the demands of refugee states, which have been closed by the UNHCR, should be reopened. Those who want to live as refugees, they should get refugee cards. Many countries of the world including America, Canada, European Union are accepting Afghans as refugees.

Whether children, elders, all sitting on dharna

A large number of small children and women are also sitting on a dharna outside the UNHCR office, raising slogans continuously. Many women have reached here with their small children. They clearly say that they will not move from here until they get refugee status. Even if it is a year or two, says Humaira Shahruhi, an elderly lady, we will sit here till our demands are met. Even if it rained or stones rained from the sky. She tells that there are six-month-old children to 60-year-olds, pregnant women are also sitting on dharna and that is because everyone is in a lot of trouble. We have no business and UNHCR is not helping us.

Our lives are in danger there, we used to work for the government

Afghans are worried about their future. How long will they keep stumbling like this after being homeless from their country? Concerned about the future of her children, Humaira Shah Rukhi says with tearful eyes, the UNHCR has rejected the demands of some refugee states. Those cases were closed. We also said that our lives are in danger there, we used to work for the government, worked with many international agencies. UNHCR must have felt then that there is no such situation there, but after the arrival of the Taliban, the situation has completely changed there, which the whole world is watching. Yet the UNHRC has stuck to its stand. Even in this situation, refugee status is not being given. There is no help from UNHRC. In such a situation, what will happen to the education of the children, what will happen to their future. God forbid that they should come to the point of begging.

These are the three demands

Let us tell you that the Afghan Solidarity Committee, sitting on the dharna, has written in a letter to the UNHCR with three demands that the situation in Afghanistan is getting worse. In such a situation, Afghan citizens living in India should be given refugee status immediately. The financial support from Afghanistan to their families has stopped. In such a situation, as long as they are in India, UNHCR should provide every facility for their livelihood.

officer out of office

Taking a mike outside the UNHCR office gate, Mohammad Danish is appealing to his officer to come out and talk to the Afghans, understand their pain and pain. However, outside the UNHCR office, there are banner posters in the hands of children, men and women, telling the story of the brutality of the Taliban in Afghanistan. So many posters have written that they should be given refugee status.


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