After insulting America, Pakistan warned, said…

Pakistan has been upset by US President Joe Biden’s reluctance to contact Prime Minister Imran Khan over the telephone and is treating it as an insult. After six months, US President Joe Biden did not call PM Imran Khan despite assurances. Now Pakistan’s National Security Advisor Moeed Yusuf has warned that Islamabad has other options if American leaders continue to ignore the country’s leadership. It is to be known that Pakistan’s National Security Adviser (NSA) Moeed Yousuf, who visited America recently, was not even met by Foreign Minister Antony Blinken.

Imran Khan and Joe Biden could not talk

According to the Dawn newspaper, Moeed Yusuf said in an interview to London’s Financial Times that the President of the United States has never spoken to the prime minister of such an important country. Which America itself says that make or break the relationship in some cases. In some ways we in Afghanistan are struggling to understand his gesture. He declined to elaborate, saying, “Every time we have been told that there will be a…(phone call), it is a technical reason or whatever. But apparently people don’t believe it. If a phone call is a special feature, if a security relationship is a special feature then Pakistan also has options.

US State Department assured Pakistan

However, the US State Department has assured Islamabad that Washington recognizes Pakistan’s important role in restoring peace in Afghanistan and wants Islamabad to play a role in it. US State Department spokesman Ned Price said Pakistan has a lot to achieve and will continue to play an important role, and will be well positioned to play a supporting role as the results come.

We will continue to work on this and will communicate closely with our Pakistani allies, he said. But The Financial Times reported on Tuesday that Yusuf complained about President Biden’s failure to contact Prime Minister Imran Khan as the US sought help to stop the Taliban from taking over Afghanistan.

America is angry with the help of Taliban in Afghanistan

The report said Washington was left stunned as the Taliban captured large parts of Afghanistan in a brutal attack following the withdrawal of US forces. Pakistan has a big role in this. He is openly cooperating with the Taliban and other terrorist organizations. However, Yusuf did not elaborate on his options, the British newspaper said. But over the years Pakistan has forged deeper ties with China, which has invested billions of dollars in infrastructure projects under its CPEC project.

A Biden administration official told the newspaper that there are still many world leaders, with President Biden yet to speak in person. He looks forward to speaking with Prime Minister Imran Khan at the right time. The report said the latest setback in the US and Pakistan relations was diplomatic clashes following their cooperation during the war on terrorism following the 9/11 attacks in New York by the terrorist organization Al Qaeda.

Trump had cut Pakistan’s financial aid

In the name of action on terrorism, Pakistan has been taking economic cooperation from America for a long time. But Donald Trump accused Pakistan of doing nothing but lies and deceit. After this, the US had drastically cut US $ 2 billion in security aid to Pakistan. Trump had invited Imran Khan to the White House after signing a deal with the Taliban with the help of Pakistan.

There was talk between America and Pakistan regarding the situation in Afghanistan

There were talks last week between Moeed Yusuf and his US counterpart Jake Sullivan. A person knowledgeable about the meeting said that talks about Afghanistan to achieve a political settlement have been difficult, but talks can help improve US-Pakistan relations dramatically. Youssef and Sullivan discussed the urgent need for a political settlement on the reduction of violence in Afghanistan.


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