Agreed on reopening of schools with Kovid-19 vaccination and precaution

In Europe, schools are being opened and millions of children are returning to their classes in the presence of Delta, a highly contagious variant of the coronavirus. In view of this, on Monday, the European Office of the World Health Organization, UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) and the Central Asia Regional Office have advocated the opening of schools. Along with this, instructions have been given to adopt all necessary measures to prevent the infection of the virus.

As per the instructions given, school going children above 12 years of age and teachers and teachers have been asked to get corona vaccine as well as take necessary classroom related measures. Under this, good ventilation, classes with less capacity, physical distance and regular testing of children and staff have also been asked.

WHO (Europe) today organized a press briefing with WHO Regional Director (Europe) Dr. Hans Henry P. Klug and technical experts. UNICEF Deputy Regional Director Philippe Cori also attended.

At the briefing, Klug said, ‘This has been a bad period for education in history because of the pandemic Kovid-19. In order to prevent the spread of corona epidemic, it is our advice that schools should be opened with full precaution and caution. He further said, ‘Vaccination is a better way to protect against the virus and we need to accelerate the corona vaccine in all countries to end the epidemic. Along with this, vaccine production and dosage sharing should also be supported. We need to take public health and all necessary steps.

UNICEF’s Philip Corrie said, ‘The epidemic is not over. It is not right to take the risk of wasting another year of children and youth. Vaccination and preventive measures can prevent the outbreak of the epidemic from returning.


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