Agriculture Ministry swung into action after PM Modi’s concern on farming of small and marginal farmers

History repeats itself. Looking at the current pictures in Afghanistan, this is proving to be true. What happened to America 46 years ago in South Vietnam, is visible in Afghanistan today. People are comparing it by sharing some pictures on internet media.

Now Kabul repeats the story

After 46 years America has to face a similar situation again. The situation is different in that it was occupied by North Vietnam almost two years after the withdrawal of US forces from South Vietnam, while in Kabul the US forces have not yet completely withdrawn and the Taliban have established supremacy. Here three lakh Afghan soldiers trained by America were defeated in front of Taliban terrorists in a few hours. In terms of America’s prestige, it is being considered an even deeper injury.

Afghanistan should not become a safe haven for terrorists

The biggest fear of the Taliban’s power in Afghanistan is that this area may not become a safe haven for terrorists. The Taliban controlled Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001. During that time, how Al Qaeda spread its feet, it is not hidden from anyone. This is also the biggest concern at this time. On the other hand, Islamic State (IS), a weakening terrorist organization in Iraq and Syria, is also looking for new ground for itself. There are also fears that IS will also get a chance to flourish in Afghanistan. Some experts believe that in the changed scenario, the Taliban may directly prevent any other terrorist organization from spreading, yet there are many areas where terrorists can keep preparing without anyone’s knowledge. .

1975: Helicopter parked above the building of the US agency CIA in Saigon city of South Vietnam and queued up to board it. At that time this picture was taken by photographer Hulbert Van Es.

2021: Helicopter ready to land on the roof to rescue people trapped in the US Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan. Quoting from different sources, this picture is becoming very viral on the internet media since two days.

The deep bite of ‘The Fall of Saigon’

The Vietnam War was primarily a conflict between the leftist government of North Vietnam and South Vietnam. In this the US was with South Vietnam. On the other hand, North Vietnam was supported by Soviet and other communist governments. After nearly two decades of conflict, in 1973, the US decided to withdraw its troops from there. Within two years of this, that is, by 1975, North Vietnam occupied South Vietnam. At the same time, the US had to conduct a rescue operation to rescue more than 7,000 American, South Vietnamese and other people from its embassy in Saigon. On April 30, 1975, the Communist government of North Vietnam declared control of Saigon, the then capital of South Vietnam. This is called the ‘Fall of Saigon’ (Fall of Saigon). After this Saigon’s name was changed to Ho Chi Minh.


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