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After winning the presidential election in America, Joe Biden has not yet called the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, while he has had several talks with many heads of the world including India. Now this pain is also visible in the statements of Pakistani leaders. This can be gauged from the fact that recently, Pakistan’s National Advisor Moeed Yusuf had expressed his pain about this. Now Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has also expressed his latest pain. Expressing his pain, the Foreign Minister has said that America will suffer a great loss if it goes away from Pakistan.

Pak Foreign Minister expressed his pain

The Pakistani Foreign Minister has said that the US President should give the status to Pakistan, which it really deserves. He said in this sequence that America expects help from us. Qureshi said that on the issue of Afghanistan, America wants Pakistan to help it stop the Taliban. He said that but US President Biden has not yet spoken to Imran Khan in this matter. During a conversation with Geo News, Qureshi said that Islamabad is waiting for Biden’s phone call. He said that Biden has not held any talks with Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan so far. Qureshi said that if America wants to get rid of Pakistan, it will only harm America.

Counted the similarities in the interests of America and Pakistan

Without naming India, Qureshi said that such a picture has been presented that there is tension in relations with Pakistan and the US. Although he also made rhetoric against America, Qureshi also expressed confidence that Pakistan and America have similar thinking on various issues. He said that America and Pakistan have a common interest in Afghanistan. America wants stability in Afghanistan and Pakistan wants the same. The US maintains that there can be no military solution to Afghanistan, and we are of the same opinion. The External Affairs Minister said that Washington also wants peace on the basis of global dialogue and our country also wants the same. Taliban and Afghan leaders should sit together and discuss and decide on their future.

Moeed Yusuf also expressed surprise

Earlier, Pakistani NSA Moeed Yusuf said that it is beyond my understanding for the US President not to call Prime Minister Imran. Yusuf told the Financial Times in an interview with Pakistan’s embassy in Washington, “It is surprising that Biden did not speak to the head of such an important country. He said that it is a matter of make and break. We are seeing a difficulty in understanding the American gesture. He said that every time we are told that there will be a phone call. Is this a technical issue or something. To be honest, now people don’t believe me.


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