America landed in the help of Afghan army, five terrorists killed in airstrike, said…

With the withdrawal of American troops in Afghanistan, the dominance of the Taliban is increasing. The Taliban claim that it has completely captured the outskirts of Afghanistan. In such a situation, the US army has once again come forward to help the Afghan army. Afghan troops have carried out airstrikes on Taliban positions. Five Taliban terrorists have been killed in a US military attack. The Pentagon has confirmed these air strikes.

General McKenzie has air strike authority

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said that over the past several days, we have taken action through air strikes to support the Afghan national defense and security forces. However, he did not elaborate on the attack. But as the US Secretary of Defense said on Wednesday, we will continue to conduct air strikes in support of the ANDSF, he said. He said that General McKenzie has those rights. On the other hand, local media claims that at least five Taliban militants have been killed in a US military airstrike. According to local media, the US has carried out airstrikes in several provinces of Afghanistan in the last three days. In several tweets, Afghan journalist Bilal Sarwari has claimed that the airstrikes targeting the Taliban were carried out by US troops.

Taliban occupied 210 districts out of total 419 districts of the country

Mark Milley, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, has said that the Taliban is presenting itself in such a way that it is certain to win in Afghanistan. But what will be the final future of this fight, it is yet to be written. However, he acknowledged that the Taliban had taken control of about 210 of the country’s 419 districts. He said that the Taliban is having conflicts with Afghan security forces in many parts. He said the Taliban appears to be gaining strategic momentum in the fight for control of Afghanistan. The Pentagon said it would be a test of the will and leadership of Afghanistan’s security, the government of Afghanistan and the people of Afghanistan.

The process of withdrawal of American soldiers is 95 percent complete

Meanwhile, the Pentagon has said that the process of withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan is 95 percent complete. He said that the entire process of withdrawal will be over by August 31. US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, who was accompanying Milley, said the US military’s efforts would not focus on the Taliban, but on tackling terrorist threats. The US will keep an eye on Al Qaeda who attacked America on September 11, 2001.


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