America talking to Taliban for evacuation even after August 31

The US is still in talks with the Taliban for a safe evacuation from Kabul airport in Afghanistan after August 31. US President Joe Biden has asked Secretary of State Antony Blinken to intensify diplomatic efforts in this regard. The US wants the Taliban to continue to cooperate fully in evacuating further Afghan allies even after its military withdrawal on August 31. This information was given by White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki in a press conference on Friday.

After the withdrawal of the army, there was no problem in the arrival of Afghan allies

Jen Psaki said that we want the Taliban not to create any obstacles in the arrival of Afghan allies on visas of America and allied countries even after the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan. Of course this will require coordination with the Taliban. A White House spokesman also said that President Joe Biden and the US military have full rights to attack Islamic State-Khorasan (ISIS-K) without the permission of Congress. This infamous organization has claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack on the Kabul airport.

Americans want assurance of embassy security

According to the Washington Post, the Taliban wants America’s diplomatic presence in Afghanistan to continue after August 31 even under its rule. In this regard, State Department spokesman Ned Price said in response to a question that the Taliban must win the trust of all countries to maintain diplomatic relations. In the press conference, Ned Price told that the US has not yet taken any decision on the proposal to maintain a diplomatic presence in Afghanistan. The Taliban had said in the past that the embassies that are open, we assure their security.

US military evacuates part of Kabul airport

The Foreign Ministry spokesperson was asked whether the Taliban would get representation of Afghanistan in the United Nations. He said that America is not ready to answer these questions today. Ned Price said that we will hand over the Kabul airport to the Afghan people before departure. Here, a Taliban spokesman said that some part has been evacuated by the US military. As the August 31 deadline nears, they are taking control of these vacant positions.

Afghan mission of many countries including Britain, France, Italy completed

Kabul, Reuters: Several countries in Afghanistan have ended their evacuation operations. Some countries are engaged in finalizing the Afghan mission. By August 31, the campaign of all countries will end. Britain’s campaign to evacuate soldiers and refugees was completed. In two weeks Britain has evacuated 14,500 civilians and Afghan allies from the violence-hit country. Canada has ended the campaign by evacuating its 3700 people, Germany 5347, France 3000 people. Saudi Arabia has completed the operation by evacuating 36,500 people. Australia-New Zealand have also evacuated most of the people. Their campaign will also be completed by August 31. According to ANI, the US evacuated 6800 people from Afghanistan during the last 24 hours.

Long lines at ATMs, demonstrations in front of banks

According to AP, the situation of people in Kabul is bad. There are long lines at ATMs due to lack of cash. Banks are also crowded. People also demonstrated in front of banks at many places. People are not able to withdraw their money from banks. Not more than two hundred dollars can be withdrawn per day at an ATM. The economic problems are becoming serious for the people here.


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