America’s another blow to Afghanistan, the path of Taliban is going to be very difficult

The US has canceled all arms deals with Afghanistan. America has taken this decision after the Taliban’s capture there. Earlier, the US had also banned the withdrawal of money deposited abroad by Afghanistan. Not only this, at the behest of America, the International Monetary Fund has also canceled the amount of aid to Afghanistan.

Afghanistan was going to get about four thousand crores from the IMF. At the same time, the amount of money deposited abroad that America has banned on withdrawal is about 70 thousand crores. Apart from this, there is also gold worth 50 thousand crores. After the Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan, he will not be able to get this amount.

As far as the latest decision of America is concerned, let us tell you that a notice has also been sent by the Joe Biden administration to the arms manufacturing company and the contractors in this regard. This notice has been sent by the Bureau of Military Affairs. It says that those weapons sold to Afghanistan, which have not yet been delivered, should now be stopped. In this, the reason for this has been given to the changing conditions of Afghanistan. It added that the Pentagon is also reviewing all pending and issued export licenses. The US has made it clear to the arms companies not to take any further steps until further orders are given.

After the occupation of Afghanistan, the Taliban have also captured American helicopters that were given for the use of the Afghan army. Apart from this, hundreds of armored vehicles are also included in it. After the capture here, the Taliban have also received a large amount of weapons. These include about 7 thousand machines, more than 4 thousand high-mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicles (which were designed to avoid air attacks), millions of rifle bullets, thousands of hand grenades, tanks, rocket launchers, including Scan Eagle drones. The Taliban have also seized hundreds of US military vehicles parked in Kabul.

Not only this, Taliban has also got complete data of Afghan army personnel and intelligence sources. They have taken possession of the biometric device which contains all the details. In this way, information has reached to him about every soldier who took up arms against him. In such a situation, it can prove to be harmful for those soldiers and their families.


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