Amrulla Saleh exposed the dire ‘humanitarian situation’ in Andrab Valley, said…

The acting President of Afghanistan, Amrullah Saleh, has highlighted the dire humanitarian situation in the Andrab Valley of northern Baghlan province. He has accused the Taliban of violating human rights in the region. The statement comes after clashes between Taliban and Valley forces were reported recently in Andrab region. The Taliban forces in the Panjshir Valley, led by Ahmed Masood, son of anti-Taliban Ahmad Shah Masood, are facing challenges from local forces.

Saleh tweeted, “The Taliban are not allowing food and fuel to enter the Andrab Valley. The human condition is dire. Thousands of women and children have fled to the mountains. For the past two days, the Taliban have been kidnapping children and the elderly and also using them as shields and to search homes.

A day earlier, Saleh had warned the Taliban to avoid entering Panjshir. Let us tell you that the fighting between the Taliban and the Northern Alliance is expected to intensify soon. The Taliban have said that hundreds of its fighters are standing on the borders to capture the Panjshir Valley. The Taliban have control over the whole of Afghanistan except the Panjshir Valley, located north of Kabul. Panjshir is currently under the control of Ahmed Masood.

Earlier on Sunday, the Taliban had offered to surrender Northern Alliance leader Ahmed Masood. Meanwhile, Masood said that he would not surrender and the locals were ready to fight. Masood also said that he and his supporters want a peaceful solution and are ready to negotiate an inclusive government with the Taliban, but the Taliban have rejected the offer.

Meanwhile, UN humanitarian agencies are warning that they are unable to bring urgently needed emergency supplies to Afghanistan and are calling for a humanitarian air bridge to be established immediately to allow the uninterrupted distribution of medicines and other aid supplies to the country. are.

WHO regional director Richard Brennan said the agency was unable to bring about 500 tonnes of medical supplies to the country to be delivered this week. Over the past week, the WHO has distributed trauma and medical kits from existing supplies to hospitals in Kabul, Kunduz and Helmand provinces, to keep health services running for thousands of people in need. However, supplies are dwindling and they need to be replenished.

The main focus has been on the evacuation of foreigners and vulnerable Afghans, but agencies pointed out that the vast humanitarian needs facing the majority of the population cannot and should not be neglected.


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