Another virus attack in America, Respiratory Sensitive is wreaking havoc

In America, which is facing two waves of Corona epidemic, the havoc of this deadly virus is increasing again. This time the delta variant seems to be the cause. Children are also falling prey to it. Concerns are being raised about the increase in infection of the delta variant in children. Apart from Delta, the children here are being affected by another virus called Respiratory Sensational Virus (RSV). It is a highly contagious virus. Children and the elderly are usually affected by this.

Cases are increasing since June

According to data from the US health agency Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, RSV cases in the country have been increasing continuously since June. The biggest increase in the cases of this virus came last month. Common symptoms of this disease are runny nose, cough, sneezing and fever. Meanwhile, Heather Haq, a pediatrician at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, tweeted that cases of corona and RSV have increased in hospitals. He said, ‘Corona cases were not being found in children for many months, but now there has been a jump in their cases.’

Children up to 17 years of age are victims of infection

He told, ‘From a two-week-old infant to a 17-year-old child, corona victims are being found. Concern has increased due to the increase in corona cases with RSV. The outbreak of RSV in the US is increasing at a time when there has been a 148 percent increase in corona infections in the last two weeks. There has also been an increase of 73 percent in the number of patients admitted to hospitals. The slow pace of vaccination and the delta variant are being cited as the reason for the increase in corona infection.

The situation in America is deteriorating: Faisi

According to the news agency ANI, US infectious disease expert Antoine Fassi said that the situation in the country is worsening due to the delta variant. Due to this variant, there is a sharp jump in new cases. However, he has ruled out the possibility of imposing a lockdown again in the US. Fassi is also an advisor to the Biden administration on the Corona epidemic.


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