Antibodies are less formed in the body of the elderly than in the youth, claimed in the research

The daily cases of corona epidemic in America are increasing rapidly. The delta variant is said to be the main cause of infection. Most of the 90 percent cases are being received from those parts of the country where the speed of vaccination is low. According to new data from the White House, about 97 percent of all Covid hospitalizations and deaths in the US are from people without vaccination. Of the total corona infection cases in America, 40 percent are from the three states of Florida, Texas and Missouri.

Rochelle Valensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), told reporters at a White House briefing that the Delta variant is spreading across the country at its full potential. Now the delta variant is responsible for more than 83 percent of the spread of the corona virus in the US. Rochelle Valensky warned people against the delta variant, saying that if you have not been vaccinated, please take the delta variant seriously. This variant is always on the lookout for weak people. He called the delta variant one of the most contagious respiratory viruses he has seen in his 20-year career.

People are still being admitted to hospitals in America and for the last one month, cases of corona infection are increasing rapidly here. The delta variant is predicted to have an outbreak of up to 80 per cent in the country, while the other three – alpha, gamma and beta – are predicted to be below 9 per cent of the total cases. A media outlet survey found that 45 percent of people in the US do not want to be vaccinated. The survey revealed that 64 percent of US citizens do not believe that vaccines are effective against the variant.

As of July 22, 89 percent of people 65 years of age or older in the country have been given at least one dose of the vaccine and 80 percent have been fully vaccinated. About 69 percent of people 18 years of age or older have been given at least one dose of the vaccine and 60 percent have been fully vaccinated. 57 percent of people 12 years of age or older have been fully vaccinated. More than 610,000 people have died due to corona in the country.


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