Are you also insulting the national flag, know these 10 rules for hoisting the tricolor

The country is celebrating 72nd Republic Day. On this occasion, the Prime Minister of the country hoists the tricolor at the Red Fort. Apart from this, the tricolor will be hoisted in all government institutions, schools and colleges on the occasion of Republic Day. Rules have been set about how citizens have to fly the national flag on the basis of law, which is very important to follow. If a person violates the rules of unfurling the national flag of India, he can be punished with imprisonment of up to three years.

The Indian Flag Code was amended on January 26, 2002, after which any citizen can now hoist the tricolor at their homes, offices and factories on any day. According to the rules, the tricolor should always be made of cotton, silk or khadi. Its shape should always be rectangular, while its length and width should be in the ratio 3:2. Let us know what are the rules for hoisting the tricolor:

1. The tricolor can always be hoisted only between sunrise and sunset.

2. The tricolor can never be kept on the floor.

3. The flag is never lowered. The flag can be flown at half-mast on government buildings only after a government order.

4. The flag can never be immersed in water.

5. The flag is not damaged in any way.

6. Burning, damaging or insulting any part of the flag is punishable with imprisonment.

7. The shape of the flag of India should be rectangular.

8. Putting the tricolor on the dead body of any dead person other than the martyred Armed Forces jawans will be considered as an insult.

9. While hoisting the tricolor, the saffron color should be at the top, it is wrong to hoist the tricolor from the bottom.

10. The tricolor is never hoisted in a torn or dirty manner. If the flag explodes, becomes dirty, then it should be destroyed in solitude.


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