Arjun used to see the bird’s eye, you children should see only studies: Shivraj

CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan spoke that is good for the students education and health, both for us Necessary Huh. in the state COVID-19 Keeping in view the transition, we have started classes gradually.. ninth And Classes of class X are also being started from August 5. these classes now week it will only take a day or two. Shivraj said this on Saturday Chief Minister Said in virtual dialogue with school children from 9th to 12th from the house. Shivraj has spoke That COVID-19 There are online classes during the period or teaching continues through TV programmes, radio, WhatsApp group etc..

Arjun Katha: Lyrics – You should see only studies
Shivraj has spoke that students should set their own goals. They students asked to ensure his goal like Arjuna. Just as during the training of archery, when Guru Dronacharya asked what he could see, Arjuna spoke was that he could not see the tree nor the bird, he Only bird’s eye view. students One should also concentrate and do his studies. Don’t worry about the future, just work hard.

Shivraj said – Gayatri Mantra was first recited on the birth of son. .
Shivraj with parents spoke that parents are the first teachers of children. I remember that after the birth of both my sons, I first recited the Gayatri Mantri in their ears and even today I read them through religious texts. research continue to inspire. As a co-educator in these challenging times, character increases more. You guys create a conducive environment for studies in the family and make the vision of our home our school come true.. Physical education, exercise, pranayama, etc., along with children’s studies Active keep doing it too.

National Achievement Survey in November
Shivraj has spoke That new education of policy Pursuance n in november. a. S (National Achievement Survey) will also be conducted. In this aim to bring Madhya Pradesh in top 10.. new education professional in policy education more emphasis is placed on. Shivraj with children spoke Take care of your health along with studies.

If you do not have a sense of mind, then even the flies of the mouth will fly the neighbors-
Shivraj said – The freedom that we have got, the British have not given it by keeping it in a silver plate. Thousands of revolutionaries and martyrs sanctified this land with red blood, then got this freedom.. his value Recognize. Understand the sacrifice of freedom, penance. Shivraj Jallian Wala Bagh scandal also told the story of. Then Shivraj spoke that you guys age be at that stage, when you can direct your life. In this, parents, teachers Contribution Take. creating a roadmap Work Do.Somebody will think that I do not have any intelligence, then even the fly of the mouth will have to be taken away by the neighbor.. we become what we think. So think from today that something has to be done. have to be something. set goals for it.

Pizza-burger harmful, eat less-
Shivraj passed the era singing the lines of childhood spoke That I still remember my childhood friends, my teachers and all the devils and food.. We also used to eat plum, kabit, mango etc. in school.. Now you guys have junk food like pizza, burger, cold drink more who are eating Health are harmful to. you eat it, but sometimes.

Virtual Dialogue:
Shivraj interacted with Aastha Tiwari of Vidisha, Prashant of Damoh, Manya Sahu of Jabalpur, Mohit Sharma of Raisen and Shruti Gupta of Bhopal. talks Of. Shivraj asked Aastha what he liked, then Aastha asked spoke anchoring. Shivraj said – you speak well, be a good speaker. What do you want to be next, then Aastha Answer given that IAS Officer have to be. Shivraj has spoke that seeing your confidence believe that you are in IAS Officer will become. Similarly discussed with other children.

Here are the formulas-
– Doing what you say builds your character.
– Avoiding bad company Required Is.
There is no religion greater than teaching even for gurus.
– Children don’t feel lonely, parents give time.
– Use very little of your brain’s capacity.

The strange thing about Saraswati’s store, the more you spend, the more it will increase.
– We become what we think. think big, aim Work Do.


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