Bangladesh enforces strictest Kovid-19 lockdown, army back on the streets

Bangladesh has announced the most severe nationwide lockdown ever in the country to prevent the widespread spread of the coronavirus pandemic. After easing restrictions for a week on the occasion of Eid al-Adha in Bangladesh on Wednesday, the authorities have decided to impose a strict lockdown from July 23 to August 5, reports Xinhua news agency.

Army personnel have once again returned to the streets of Bangladesh. Simultaneously, members of law enforcement agencies have returned to the streets to stop the movement of people. No one would be allowed to go out unless absolutely necessary, a police officer said in the capital Dhaka on Friday.

Public transport services have also been suspended under the lockdown restrictions. Due to this, thousands of people coming to their hometowns on Eid are stranded in the capital and other nearby cities. Long queues of people are being seen on the main roads in other cities and towns across the country including the capital. State Public Administration Minister Farhad Hussain told reporters that the textile factories would remain closed during this lockdown which was more strict than before.

In view of the continuous increase in the corona epidemic, the Bangladeshi government ordered the imposition of lockdown from 1 July, but later the restrictions were relaxed for a week from 15 to 22 July on the occasion of Eid. According to Bangladesh’s Directorate General of Health Services, 11,46,564 corona cases have been confirmed in the country so far, while 18,851 people have lost their lives.


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