Biden talks to Afghan President over phone, assures continued US support

After the departure of foreign forces from Afghanistan, the terrorist organization Taliban has played a front against the government of the country. Fighting is going on between Taliban and Afghan security forces. At the same time, US President Joe Biden has assured US diplomatic and humanitarian support to President Ashraf Ghani after the departure of US troops.

The White House said that there has been a phone conversation between President Biden and Ashraf Ghani regarding this. During this, both the leaders have agreed that the Taliban attack is a violation of the peace agreement. Biden told Ghani that the United States would remain diplomatically engaged in support of a just political settlement.

Biden has announced the end of the US military mission in Afghanistan by August 31. The United States has deployed its forces to Afghanistan since Al Qaeda attacked the United States on September 11, 2001. Violence in Afghanistan has escalated since the announcement of the withdrawal of US forces in April. The terrorist organization Taliban has taken control of many districts and important borders. The Taliban control nearly half of Afghanistan’s district centers.

The United States is preparing to deport thousands of Afghan nationals under special immigration visas (SIVs). These people are threatened by the Taliban, because they worked for the US government in Afghanistan. The first contingent of Afghans and their families is expected to leave for Fort Lee, a US military base in Virginia, before the end of this month. Joe Biden on Friday authorized $100 million ($100 million) from the emergency fund to meet the needs of refugees.


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