Bilawal Bhutto said – the next government in Balochistan will be of PPP

An Air Force pilot is reported to have been killed in an explosion in Afghanistan on Saturday. The blast took place in the Chahar Asiyab district of the country’s capital, Kabul. It is being told that the explosion has been carried out by targeting the pilot’s vehicle. Five other people are also reported to be injured in the accident.

Taliban violence continues to rise

At the same time, Dawa Khan Mainapal, the head of the media and information center of the Afghan government, who was killed in an attack by terrorists in Kabul on Friday, was cremated on Saturday. Condoling the death of Menapal, Mirza Mohammad Katawazai, MP from Pactika province, said that terrorists cannot suppress our voice with these killings and massacres. There are lakhs of people in the country who will continue the struggle of Mainpal. Let us tell you, Menapal was shot dead on Darul Aman Road in the capital Kabul. He had served as the spokesperson for the Vice President from 2016 to 2020. He has also served as the head of the media wing of the Afghan government in Kandahar in 2015.

violence to gain control

At the same time, on Wednesday, Abdullah Atifi, the country’s well-known poet and historian, was assassinated by the Taliban in Uruzgan province. In the case, the provincial governor has confirmed that, Taliban terrorists killed the poet outside his residence. However, the Taliban has not yet commented on the incident.

In another incident, the Taliban killed a popular Afghan comedian last week in the country’s Kandahar province. The Taliban have intensified their attacks against civilians, Afghan defense and security forces. Over the past few weeks, the Taliban have captured several key districts in Afghanistan, including the country’s northeastern province of Takhar.


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