Canada refuses to recognize Taliban as new government in Afghanistan

After the occupation of Afghanistan, the Taliban is trying to show itself as revenge. Promising respect to women and security to people, but on the other hand his real face is also coming to the fore. The Taliban blew up the statue of slain Hazara leader Abdul Ali Mazari in Bamiyan. The Hazara leader was killed by the Taliban during their previous rule.

Salim Javed, a human rights activist, tweeted, “The Taliban have blown up the statue of Hazara leader Abdul Ali Mazari, who was killed in Bamiyan. The last time they killed the Hazara leader and blew up all the historical and archaeological sites, including the huge Buddha statues.

Mazari was a Hazara leader who was killed by the Taliban in 1995. The Taliban have repeatedly attacked Hazara over the years. The Hazara are an ethnic group, mainly concentrated in the mountainous central region of Afghanistan, known as the Hazarajat. The Hajras are also said to be the descendants of Genghis Khan, the founder of the Mongol Empire, and the Mongol soldiers who lived in the region in the 13th century. A group of Hazaras also confirmed that one of the country’s female district governors, Salima Mazari, has been taken into custody by the Taliban. She is the Hazara District Governor of Chaharkint, Balkh.

Earlier on Tuesday, the Taliban announced an amnesty for all Afghan government officials and urged them to return to work. He has invited women to join the government. They have been assured to work and study as well as give them rights under Islamic law.

But, people still remember the ultra-conservative Islamic regime of 20 years ago. In that period, the life of the people, especially the life of women had become hell. People were openly punished till death. However, this time the Taliban has claimed a huge difference between the rule 20 years ago and now.


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