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Due to the Corona epidemic, there has been a huge shortage of foreign workers in America. This has had an impact on the business here. Due to this seasonal business has come to a standstill. This problem has arisen in many parts of America due to the spread of Corona virus. In particular, the number of foreign workers has declined in many states, including Utah, Wyoming, Maryland, California and Colorado. Many foreign workers do not want to return to America.

Many sectors of business affected due to strict rules

In the US, this has had a negative impact not only on the land-building-development sector, but also on the amusement park and restaurant business in Wyoming. Actually, due to Corona, the government has tightened the rules for workers coming from outside to the country. Although the rules were later relaxed, the return of foreign workers has not yet accelerated.

Local people less interested in seasonal business

In fact, most seasonal business operations in the US are of a temporary nature. Due to this, the local people are less interested in it. Local residents are interested in permanent work. One reason for this has also been the fact that the US has long had a higher number of foreign workers in seasonal trade. Now no one can take their place. Due to this, it is becoming difficult to run this business due to their absence now.

H-2 visa approval through lottery system

H-2 visas are approved by a lottery system. Due to this many workers were deprived of coming to America. After this the administration has increased the quota of H-2B visas. After liberalizing the rules, people’s visas have been approved, but it has been four months, not a single foreign worker of ours has returned. It is expected that the team of foreign workers will return to work by April 1. Seasonal trading begins in April. Wages have been increased manifold to attract local workers. Despite this, employees are not available. Existing employees are working 60-70 hours a week to fulfill orders.


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