China suspends two flights after 5 passengers tested positive for corona

China suspended two flights on Tuesday due to Corona infection. China’s Civil Aviation Regulator (CAAC) has announced the suspension of a Philippine Airlines flight and a Cambodia Airways flight after 5 passengers tested positive for coronavirus.

China’s Civil Aviation Administration (CAAC) said on its website on Tuesday that the suspension of flight PR314 from Manila to Tianjin and flight KR961 from Phnom Penh to Chengdu will last for two weeks starting on August 23, as each of August 4 Corona’s report of five passengers in the flight came positive.

The CAAC said that no airline has been allowed to divert flights to other routes. As per the CAAC policy, if the number of passengers who have tested positive for COVID-19 reaches five, the flight suspension extends for two weeks.

Recently, cases of the delta variant of the corona virus suddenly started increasing in about 15 cities of China. A report said that cases of corona virus started from Nanjing’s airport, after which it spread to five other provinces. It was further told in the report that some employees of the airport were found to be corona infected due to which the flights were cancelled.

The situation in China seems to be getting worse with the cases of the delta variant. China is badly surrounded by the Delta variant. In China, continuous announcements are being made for people to stay in their homes. When they come out, they are going somewhere to seal them in the house. According to a report, officials of 13 out of 23 provinces in China are concerned about the new Delta variant of Corona.


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