Claims like ‘new Taliban’ are deceiving, the Indian government is taking firm steps

With two decades of fighting in Afghanistan with the Taliban, Al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations and the deaths of 2,400 soldiers, the US has lost patience in this eternity war. America knows that Pakistan adopts a dual approach. Despite this, with the help of Pakistan, he spoke to the Taliban in Qatar. It is no secret that the Taliban is a Pakistan-made and since 2001 Taliban terrorists have found refuge in Pakistan itself.

The US handed over Afghanistan to the Taliban in a way by signing the Doha Agreement on February 29, 2020, to pull all its troops out of Afghanistan by May 31, 2021, without involving the government of Afghanistan.

After that it was just a formality. However, America itself did not think so, as it has happened in the last month. US President Joe Biden hastily started the withdrawal of American troops long before the scheduled date of September 11. The reason for this haste is difficult to understand.

Overall, the hasty result was that the Taliban captured Kabul on 15 August with almost no significant challenge. The disheartened Afghan army handed over a considerable amount of modern weapons to the Taliban. India has so far kept a certain distance from the Taliban and this is also true. The Taliban’s atrocities during the last time in power in Afghanistan between 1995 and 2001 have not been forgotten.

Over the years, India has worked to enhance Afghanistan’s capability in various areas, including human resources, manufacturing and security. It is therefore no surprise that Afghans have a positive attitude towards India.

In the changed situation, the Taliban is now trying to assure the world that no harm will be done to other countries. It has also appealed to India to continue operating its embassy in Kabul. However, the ground situation does not testify to this. The Haqqani network plays a key role in this alleged new Taliban. This terrorist organization, working at the behest of Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI, attacked the Indian Embassy in Kabul in 2008.

It is clear that in the coming days, different factions can be formed in the Taliban on the Kashmir issue. Now what next? What will be the role of Pakistan? Who will get what role in the administration of the Taliban? How safe will Afghanistan be for people of Indian origin? It will take time to get the whole picture clear.


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