Congress raged on Assam’s advisory, said…

After the violent face-off between Assam and Mizoram on the border, the situation remained peaceful, but due to sharp rhetoric from both the sides, the tension has not diminished in any way. Central forces have been deployed along the border of both the states in Lailapur to prevent any incidents of violence in future. Meanwhile, the Assam government has advised its citizens not to travel to Mizoram. This is probably the first time in history that any state has advised its citizens not to go to another state. Following the advice of Assam, the Congress has made a big attack on the Modi government.

Congress General Secretary and Chief Spokesperson Randeep Surjewala said that if Modi is there then it is possible. Despite such an advisory issued for the first time by the central government to establish peace between the two states, the tension does not seem to be diminishing. Assam Home Secretary MS Manivannan has issued an advisory for the people of Assam. It has been said in this advisory that in view of the recent violent incidents, the people of Assam should refrain from going to Mizoram for job, work or any other connection. Traveling there in the current situation is not advisable from the point of view of security.

A controversy has arisen over this advisory issued by the Home Secretary of Assam. Experts say that this is probably the first time that any state in the country has issued such an advisory against any other state. Clashes between security forces and civilians (Photo Credits – Social Media) Assam Being Extra Vigilance After the violent clashes on the border of Assam and Mizoram, extra vigil is being taken from the Assam side. The District Magistrate of Cachar has stopped the people of the district from going towards the border and strict vigil is being done in this regard. He says that at some places, efforts have been made by various organizations for economic blockade, but its partial effect is visible. Assam again accused Mizoram, on the other hand, Assam Minister Ashok Singhal alleged that Mizoram has not yet removed its police force from the post established in the disputed area on the border. He said that after the order of the Union Home Ministry, we have immediately handed over our post to the CRPF, while our police force has not been removed by the Mizoram government. Singhal visited the Silchar Medical College and Hospital and inquired about the condition of the injured. He also handed over a check of one lakh each to 35 policemen and two civilians.

Mizoram Chief Minister Zoramthanga (Photo Credits – Social Media) Mizoram’s demand for intervention from the Center Mizoram Home Secretary says that National Highway 306 has been completely blocked following the call of several organisations. Due to this, the traffic in Mizoram has been badly affected. The supply of essential commodities has also been affected. He said that the central government should immediately intervene in this matter for the movement of essential goods and passengers. The blockade of Mizoram needs to be ended immediately and for this the central government should take necessary steps. Meanwhile, Mizoram Deputy CM Tawanluia said that there was no merit in the allegations of the Assam Chief Minister occupying the land.

He said that Assam is threatening to take the matter to court but Mizoram is also fully prepared to face any trial in this matter. Randeep Surjewala (Photo Credits – Social Media) Congress surrounded the Modi government On the advisory issued by the Assam government, the Congress has made a big attack on the Modi government. The party says that it is a very embarrassing day for the country because for the first time any state has advised its people not to go to another state. Congress General Secretary and Chief Spokesperson Randeep Surjewala said that it is shameful that one state has to issue such advisory with respect to another state. He said that everything is possible when Narendra Modi is sitting on the post of Prime Minister in the country. He said that when there is Modi, this is possible. Surjewala said that the question is also whether the Chief Minister and Home Minister have the right to continue in their posts in such an environment? He said that the Modi government should answer in this regard.


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