Congress reminded PM Modi of this meeting of Atal Bihari Vajpayee

The kind of situation in Afghanistan due to the terror of the Taliban, in such a situation, the discussions about the relations between the Taliban and India are intensifying. Meanwhile, the statement of Taliban for India has come to the fore. In which Taliban has not been very aggressive for India, on the other hand India has also not made any direct attack on Taliban. In such a situation, it seems from these statements that the same Taliban which was between 1996 and 2001, is now seen taking a new turn in 2021. On Thursday, Taliban’s chief leader Shahabuddin Dilawar has responded to PM Modi’s five-day-old statement in an interview. Which has been the subject of much discussion.

PM Modi’s message to Taliban In fact, on 20 August, during a program in Gujarat, PM Modi had said that an empire built on the basis of terror can never be permanent. In such a situation, PM Modi’s statement of terror was seen as a message to the Taliban. But when a Taliban leader was asked a question about PM Modi’s remarks, he said that India will know very soon how easily the Taliban can run the country. Let me tell you, PM Modi had said in a statement only five days after the Taliban took over Afghanistan, “The breaking forces may feel that they can build an empire on the basis of terror, but such thinking will be few in some time. Even if it dominates for the time being, its existence cannot be permanent.

Humanity cannot be crushed for a long time by terror.” The house agrees and will not allow any such activity on the soil of Afghanistan, which is against the interests of Pakistan. The terror of the Taliban in Afghanistan has caused havoc. In such a situation, what has been said by the Taliban about Pakistan. It is indicating the creation of a new conspiracy, due to which India also needs to be more cautious than before.


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