Corona cases increasing rapidly in Britain, record 1,449 deaths in Indonesia

Despite restrictions and vaccination campaigns around the world, the cases of corona are not decreasing. According to the data shared by John Hopkins University, the number of infected worldwide has crossed 19.25 million, while the number of people who lost their lives due to the epidemic has crossed 41.2 lakh. Brazil and Indonesia have been hit hard by Corona. This is the situation when more than 3.74 billion doses of anti-Kovid-19 vaccine have been applied worldwide.

1,412 people died in Brazil

During the last 24 hours in Brazil, 1,412 people have died due to corona while 49,757 new cases of infection have been reported. With this, the number of infected in Brazil has increased to 1,95,23,711 while the number of dead has reached 5,47,016. At present, Brazil ranks third in the world after America and India in terms of the number of corona infected. In terms of the number of people who died of the epidemic, this country is second only to America.

bad situation in indonesia

The situation is very bad in Indonesia, the world’s fourth most populous country. According to the report of the news agency AP, a record 1,449 people died due to the epidemic in Indonesia on Thursday. In terms of the number of dead, it was the deadliest day since the start of the pandemic. At the same time, despite restrictions like lockdown in Malaysia, the infection has not reduced. For the first time in Malaysia, on July 13, more than 10 thousand cases were registered. This daily figure of infected still remains. Vaccination rates in Malaysia are quite low.

Cases rising rapidly in the UK

Despite taking both doses of the vaccine in Britain, cases of corona are increasing rapidly. At present, an average of 700 people are being admitted to hospitals in the UK. This is the situation when 88 percent of UK adults have had the first dose and 69 percent have had both doses. At the same time, in view of increasing cases of epidemic in South Korea, physical distance restrictions in the capital region have been extended for two weeks. In South Korea, 1,630 cases of corona were registered in the last 24 hours, taking the number of infected to 185,733.

Things are getting worse in Myanmar

The situation in Myanmar is so bad that cemetery workers are working day and night in its largest city. Not only this, health systems are struggling to deal with the situation arising due to the epidemic. Governments are confused about imposing new restrictions to prevent the spread of the corona virus. The vaccination process is currently slow. According to the report of the news agency AP, there are also increasing concerns about China’s Sinovac vaccine being less effective on the delta variant. This is the reason why Indonesia and Thailand are now planning to give booster doses.


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