Corona epidemic is increasing rapidly again in America, know

The corona epidemic in America has started increasing again at a fast pace. The delta variant of Corona is being cited as the reason for this. The US health agency Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has expressed fears that there may be a sharp increase in the number of hospitalized patients in the next four weeks. The death toll can also increase significantly during this period.

According to estimates released by the CDC on Wednesday, between 3,300 and 12,600 victims are expected to have died in the country by September 4. In this period of four weeks, from five and a half lakh to 23 lakh 40 thousand new cases can be found. While 8,600 to 33 thousand 300 patients are estimated to be admitted in hospitals during this period. So far in America, which has faced two waves of Corona epidemic, a total of about three crore 70 lakh have been found infected. More than six lakh 30 thousand have died.

Stability in new cases in Southeast Asia

United Nations, Prer: According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the South-East Asian region is witnessing a steady rise in new cases of corona in the last one month. This is being seen due to the stable infection in India. There has also been a decrease in new cases in Indonesia and Myanmar.

Know- what is the situation of other countries

Pakistan: According to ANI, after three months in this country, 102 victims died in one day and 4,934 new cases were found. Here is the fourth wave.

Russia: According to Reuters, in this country facing the third wave, the maximum number of 808 victims died in a day and 22 thousand new cases were found.

China: According to ANI, due to the delta, there has been a surge in new cases here. 61 new cases were found in 24 hours, but no death occurred.


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