Corona infected person disguised as wife traveled by plane

In Indonesia, when a corona victim was refused to leave the city, he took a different approach. This man took the form of his wife and traveled by air. For this, he bought a domestic flight ticket in the name of his wife. Wearing his burqa, reached the airport with his identity card and other documents and his corona ‘negative’ report. Here too no one could recognize him, but one of his mistakes in the plane revealed his secret.

A person suffering from Corona put hundreds of people in trouble in his haste to reach his home. Even after the corona report came positive, this person fraudulently traveled by air. Actually, this man reached the airport wearing a burqa, so that no one could recognize him and he was successful in this. His ‘lies’ were exposed by a mistake made at the last moment.

According to the report, in Indonesia’s capital Jakarta, a person traveled by air in violation of Corona rules and put hundreds of people in danger. He had to go to his home town Ternet, but it was not possible due to Corona report coming positive. However, his wife’s report came negative, so he wore a burqa to masquerade as his wife and reached the airport with her negative RT PCR report, identity card and other documents.

The accused boarded the plane after somehow dodging the security and health officials at Jakarta airport. After the plane took off, a mistake of the man revealed his secret. Actually, during the journey, the accused went to the toilet and changed his clothes and he came in normal clothes after taking off his burqa. Suspicious when a flight attendant saw all this, he immediately reported it to the pilot and the pilot informed the Ternet Airport Authority.

As soon as the plane reached the ternet, the team of security and health officials apprehended the accused. His corona test was done again at the airport itself, whose report also came positive. At present, the accused has been quarantined in his house. It is worth noting that in Indonesia too, cases of corona are registering a spurt. In view of this, strictness is being taken to follow the rules.


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