Delhi troubled by humidity, rain alert in these states including UP-Bihar

There is a continuous ups and downs in the cases of corona in the country. Talking about the last 24 hours, 41195 new cases have been reported in the country. Apart from this, active cases in the country have also increased to 387987, which were 3,86,351 on Wednesday. Let us inform that 38,353 new cases were reported in the country on Tuesday. Talking about the latest recovery rate of Corona in the country, it is at 97.45 percent. According to the latest data released by the Ministry of Health, according to the change that has been seen in the active cases of corona in different states, according to the 465 active cases in Andhra Pradesh, 226 in Assam, 1547 in Maharashtra, 127 in Manipur, 438 in Mizoram. At the same time, 144 active cases have increased in Odisha, 175 in Karnataka, Kerala 3973, Himachal Pradesh 238.

Talking about the number of patients who are cured and discharged today as compared to the previous day, there are 2316 patients in Andhra Pradesh, 1098 patients in Assam, 1618 patients in Karnataka, 19411 patients in Kerala, 6944 patients in Maharashtra, 1012 patients in Mizoram, Tamil Nadu 1917 patients, 746 patients in West Bengal, 723 patients in Manipur, 869 more patients have been cured in Odisha. Talking about the deaths due to corona in the last 24 hours, today there have been 116 deaths in Kerala, 163 deaths in Maharashtra, 65 more in Odisha than the previous day.

According to the data released by the Ministry of Health, a total of 52,36,71,019 doses of corona vaccine have now been given in the country. Of these 40,69,80,329 first and 11,66,90,690 second doses have been given. Uttar Pradesh is at the fore in terms of vaccination. So far a total of 5,55,23,603 doses of vaccine have been given here. This is followed by Maharashtra where 4,77,48,246 doses of the vaccine have been given. Gujarat is at number three, where 3,79,82,413 and Madhya Pradesh is at number four, 3,61,69,646, Rajasthan at number five, where a total of 3,59,75,299 doses of vaccine have been given.


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