Demonstration of people of Afghan origin at White House, blamed President Biden for the situation in Kabul

Demonstrations were held at the White House demanding US President Joe Biden betray the people of Afghanistan and impose sanctions against Pakistan. Hundreds of people of Afghan origin took part in this demonstration. The most outrage among the protesters was about the policies of US President Joe Biden. The demonstration came after President Ashraf Ghani fled Afghanistan and the presidential palace was handed over to the Taliban by government officials.

Farzana Hafiz, who demonstrated here, told that the freedom of women in Afghanistan was again locked. My family is there, I can’t even sleep at night. Those involved in the demonstration said that he relied heavily on the power of Western countries. The migrants are now living with the hope that the US will one day take action against Pakistan sponsoring terrorism. The protesters said that Pakistan gives protection to the Taliban and the whole world has to understand this thing now.

Top White House advisers are sparring over how President Biden should address the deepening crisis in Afghanistan. The officials have given information about this. But no final decision has yet been made on whether the president will return to Washington after his planned August vacation at Camp David. President Joe Biden on Sunday decided to deploy an additional 1,000 US troops to Afghanistan. In this way, about 6,000 soldiers have been deployed to ensure safe evacuation.

Many who gathered at the protest said they count on the success of Western powers and are living with the hope that one day the US will act against Pakistan for its alleged duplicity and proxy war. The expatriates united and condemned the alleged Pakistan-sponsored terrorism in Afghanistan.


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