Dragon preparations in the South China Sea amid tension with America

China is gathering large military equipment at the military base built in the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea amid tensions with the US. China has deployed KJ-500 Airborne Warning and Control aircraft in the Spratly Islands. Recently, China also conducted a major naval exercise near an island in the South China Sea. It was also attended by China’s first aircraft carrier Liaoning as well as its Carrier Strike Group. This move of China may increase tension in the South China Sea.

US claims based on satellite images

The Washington Times has claimed, based on satellite images of Maxar, that China has deployed KJ-500 Airborne Warning and Control aircraft at the military base built in the Spratly Islands in May and June. Other US satellite images showed Y-9 transport aircraft and Z-8 heavy transport helicopters standing at an airbase on Subi Reef. Although China has not given any reaction on this yet, it is believed that due to this action of China, tensions between the US and China on the South China Sea may increase.

These aircraft were permanently stationed on the island.

Former Naval Intelligence Officer Michael Dahm of the US Navy claims that looking at satellite images shows that China has permanently stationed these planes on the island. The biggest change in military activity in 2021 is the presence of Chinese Special Mission KK aircraft and helicopters in Subi and Mischief Reefs, he said. At the same time, Dr Bryce Wakefield, the national executive director of the Australian Institute of International Affairs, told that this shows that China is trying to increase its control over the region.

dragon will reign

He said China’s preparedness shows that the PLA has resumed regular air operations from those airfields. He said that in such a situation, the threat to the navies of other countries passing around that island would increase. The Japanese government said in the country’s Defense White Paper 2020 that China is trying hard to make territorial claims in local seas. China is also using the coronavirus pandemic to expand its influence and establish strategic supremacy.

How do AWACS planes work?

AWACS or Airborne Early Warning and Control System aircraft are a very important part of modern warfare. By the time ground-based radars can spot attackers, fighter planes, cruise missiles, and drones, they find them before they can. Apart from this, they can easily differentiate between enemy and friend fighter planes. With their help, every movement of the enemy can be monitored.


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