European countries are also troubled by Pegasus’s genie, the French President changed the phone, then the investigation of the matter started in Hungary

Everyone is surprised after the case of spying of special people through Pegasus came to light. The name of French President Emmanuel Macron has also been revealed in the people who have been spied by Pegasus. In view of this, he has changed his number without delay. This information has been given by the President’s Office.

On behalf of the President’s Office, Reuters has been told that Macron uses several phones. It also does not mean that they are being spied on. Even after this, this has been done for additional security. On behalf of the spokesman of the French government, it has been said that some more steps are being taken for the security of the President. According to the spokesperson, the government has taken this seriously.

Let us tell you that on July 19, it was revealed for the first time that many people are being spied through the Israeli company spyware Pegasus. Those who are being spied include many ministers associated with the government, journalists, human rights activists etc. The news agency Reuters quoted Radio France as saying that Macron was being spied at the behest of Morocco.

However, the President himself has rubbished these reports. At the same time, it has not been confirmed whether Macron was being spied or not. It is worth noting that Amnesty International and Forbidden Stories had informed about Macron’s spying by Morocco. Against this, Morocco has given a strong reaction and filed a defamation suit against both of them.

The genie of Pegasus is not only coming out in France, but due to this, the concern of many countries has increased. In India too, there is a ruckus in the political circles regarding this. At the same time, apart from France, the same is the case with other European countries. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said after Pegasus spying came to light, saying that countries that do not understand it and countries that abuse it should not be given its facility.

After receiving complaints in Hungary also, its investigation has been started. On the other hand, Israel has also taken this seriously and has formed a team to investigate it. This team will assess the news of media organizations. On this whole matter, Pegasus’s company NSO has said that its program is only to fight crime and terrorism. The company also says that if they get any such complaint, then they can take back the software by excluding that country from the list.


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