Floods in Taliban controlled area in Afghanistan kill 40

Pakistan will ban air travel for anyone without a Kovid vaccine certificate from August 1 and all public sector employees will be required to get vaccinated by August 31. The Pakistan government on Thursday announced several other restrictions. From August 1, people without vaccination will not be allowed to enter government offices, schools, restaurants, malls and shopping.

Asad Umar, chief of the National Command and Operation Center (NCOC), the military-run body that oversees the COVID pandemic in the country, gave this response at a joint press conference with the health minister. He said that by the end of August, teachers and students above 18 and retail employees will be required to be vaccinated in public transport. Travel will not be allowed without him.

Teaching without vaccine is not allowed in schools and colleges

In Pakistan, increasing cases of delta variant of corona infection can be seen. The country’s poor health infrastructure is under immense pressure. According to NCOC, the national positivity test rate of Corona is 7.53 percent. The infection rate in the southern port city of Karachi had touched 23 per cent in recent weeks. Umar said that if you have not been vaccinated then you cannot go to school and college from August 1. We cannot put our children’s lives at risk just because you are not ready to get the vaccine.

Rapidly increasing vaccination in Pakistan

The NCOC has said that delta, beta, and alpha variants of the corona virus have been found in Pakistan since May. After a sluggish start to the national vaccination campaign, the government has picked up its pace, especially in the stronghold of Punjab. On Wednesday, 850,000 doses were given in the country.

Umar said that the upcoming target is to touch one million doses in a day. So far, 2 crore 78 lakh people out of 22 crore population have been given at least one dose of vaccine and 59 lakh people have been fully vaccinated. It said 4,497 new cases and 76 deaths were reported in Pakistan. In the last 24 hours, the condition of more than 3,000 people is critical. So far 23,209 people have died due to corona in Pakistan.


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