Four-day monsoon session will start in Madhya Pradesh from August 9

The demand for census based on caste is once again gaining momentum. In Bihar, where RJD is vocal on this issue, JDU is also seen standing with RJD in this. In this matter, RJD youth leader Muhammad Mahtab Alam said that our demand is for caste based census, for which we are constantly fighting, as far as JDU is concerned, it works at the behest of BJP. So don’t trust him much.

He said that as far as the census has been done on the basis of caste, it was last done in 1931, after that it has not been done till date. When the government makes a policy for a section, it is important for it to know whose population is what. The stand of our party RJD is very clear in this matter, our leader Tejashwi Yadav is leading the issue, and is creating an atmosphere for the caste based census to be conducted at the earliest.

It is to be known that from the year 1951 to 2011, census work has been done every 10 years in India. But in every census, the data for the count of SC and ST i.e. Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes is given separately, but not of other castes. However, till 1931 the census conducted in India was definitely based on caste census.

A clear mark on the Bihar government

Former state vice-president of Chhatra Rashtriya Janata Dal, Mohammad Mahtab Alam, has fiercely targeted the state government, he called the Bihar government a failure on every front, as well as claimed that soon the people of Bihar would be liberated from the misgovernance government of JDU and BJP. Will give He said that for 15 years in Bihar, there has been darkness of plight under Nitish’s rule, only Rashtriya Janata Dal can get freedom from this darkness. Mohammad Mehtab Alam said that this disaster of flood in Bihar could have been controlled if If the embankment is repaired in time, the problem of flood has always been there in Bihar, so why did Nitish Kumar, who is in power continuously in 15 years, not pay attention to it.


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