Four more Indian languages ​​were added to Google News Showcase, know which language got a place

Tech giant Google on Thursday announced that it is adding support for four Indian languages ​​to the News Showcase panel dedicated to Google News and Discover. Apart from English, Hindi, these four languages ​​include Kannada, Marathi, Tamil and Telugu.

An official statement issued by Google said that in the month of May, the expansion of Google News Showcase was announced for the convenience of news organizations and readers in India. Simultaneously, we also announced the expansion of our online experience and licensing program. So far with these new languages ​​and new partners we have onboarded over 50. It has partners representing more than 70 publications.

The company is working closely with several news showcase partners to provide users with select paywalled stories for free. This feature provides users with an opportunity to access content that they may not have access to.

Google has said in its statement that the news partnership and Google News Showcase will invest one billion dollars over the next three years to help publications provide the information they need in new ways.

Google has said in its official statement that having access to reliable information is extremely important for all components of a thriving democracy. Over the years, we have helped readers have consistent access to quality journalism. We have continually strived to support emerging news business models while contributing to the sustainability of news organizations. Not only this, we have also made constant efforts to connect the newsroom with the readers.

Be aware that News Showcase panels allow publishers to share important news stories with references and links to additional stories. The panel has recognizable branding features so that users can easily locate and identify trusted news organizations.


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