Government’s stand on Pegasus, the attitude of the opposition

Due to the mobilization of the opposition parties on the Pegasus espionage case, it seems difficult for the Parliament to function this week as well. The government’s initiative to end the deadlock has so far proved unsuccessful. On Wednesday, there was uproar in the Lok Sabha over the issue and after adjourning the proceedings five times, the House was finally adjourned till Thursday morning. On the other hand, in the Rajya Sabha too, the opposition showed sharp attitude on the issue of Pegasus and the opposition MPs created ruckus in the house several times regarding this issue. Rajya Sabha proceedings were also adjourned till Thursday morning due to continuous uproar. The opposition is completely united on the issue of Pegasus espionage, inflation and farmers. 14 Opposition parties have prepared a strategy to surround the government during their important meeting. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi also said that we will not back down on these important issues and the government will have to give a clear answer in this regard.

Looking at the attitude of the opposition, it is believed that it will not be easy for the government to run the Parliament during the monsoon session. In fact, the Pegasus espionage scandal has given a big weapon in the hands of the opposition and the opposition does not want to miss any opportunity to attack the government through this weapon. This is the reason why the opposition has laid siege to the government, calling it an important issue for the country. So far, every initiative of the government to end the deadlock on this issue seems to be failing. In the first week of the Parliament session, the Rajya Sabha could work for only 4 hours, while in the second and Lok Sabha, the entire week was lost due to the uproar over Pegasus. Now 14 opposition parties have joined hands to open a front against the government. In such a situation, running of Parliament is considered very difficult. Opposition’s strategy to surround the government In the meeting of 14 opposition parties outside the House, a strategy has been prepared to surround the government on important issues. In this important meeting of opposition parties, apart from Congress, leaders of parties like DMK, Rashtriya Janata Dal, Samajwadi Party, Nationalist Congress Party, CPI, CPM, Aam Aadmi Party, Indian Muslim League, National Conference, Rashtriya Samaj Party, Kerala Congress etc. were present. .

After the meeting, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi made it clear that there would be no compromise on important issues like Pegasus espionage scandal, price rise and farmers’ anger against the new agricultural laws. He said that the opposition is completely united on these issues and the government cannot run away from its responsibility on these important issues facing the country. It is clear from Rahul Gandhi’s statement that the opposition does not want to give any way to the government on these issues. Looking at the attitude of the opposition, it is believed that during the monsoon session of Parliament, there is no hope of stopping the ruckus on these issues soon. On the other hand, Union Minister Anurag Thakur made it clear that it has been said many times by the government that it is ready to discuss every issue. The truth is that the opposition is trying to run away from discussing important issues by creating a ruckus, he said. Thakur said that Congress and Trinamool Congress MPs in particular are at the fore in disrupting the proceedings of Parliament.

He said that the opposition has a democratic right to protest but there is a limit to everything and opposition MPs should also take care of this. He strongly condemned the tossing of pamphlets by the Speaker, Ministers and the opposition in the media gallery saying that it cannot be accepted at all. Meanwhile, informed sources say that throwing slips on the Speaker and showing disrespectful behavior in the House has been taken seriously and 10 Lok Sabha MPs have been hanged in this case. A proposal to suspend these MPs from the House can be brought by the ruling party on Thursday. The government also wants to send a message to the opposition MPs who created a ruckus through this action. Ravneet Singh Bittu, Gurjit Singh Aujla, Manickam Tagore, T N Prathapan and Habi Eden are among the MPs who are set to be suspended from the Lok Sabha.


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