In which country Afghan President Ashraf Ghani took refuge in fear of Taliban, being criticized

Even before the capture of Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, President Ashraf Ghani has left the country and gone to Tajikistan. Because of this, he is also being criticized in the political circles. However, he has also clarified about his move through social media. A few hours after this incident, the Taliban have also taken control of the presidential residence in Kabul.

President Ghani’s clarification on leaving the country

President Ghani has told through a Facebook post that he has taken this step to avoid bloodshed. He has written that it is very difficult for him to take this step. In this, he has further written that after the arrival of Taliban, the safety of millions of civilians is at stake. Thousands of innocent people have been killed in the war that has gone on till now. However, this move of the President is also being criticized a lot.

Ghani’s move criticized

ANI has reported that the country’s former Member of Parliament Jameel Karzai has accused President Ghani of betraying the country. He has also said that he is responsible for the current situation of the country. People will never forgive him for this. Let us also tell you here that President Ghani has not resigned from his post. However, now the meaning of his continuing in this post has also ended. Jameel is also President Ghani’s cousin.

quoting local media

According to Tolo News, his close aides have also left the country along with Ghani. Giving information about this, Afghanistan’s Defense Minister Bismillah Mohammad has said that he has delegated the responsibility of dealing with the situation in the country to other leaders. He has also said that on Monday a delegation will go to Doha to take part in the talks with Afghanistan. It includes Yunus Lawyer, Ahmed Wali Masood, Mohammad Mohkiq. According to Tolo News, the Taliban have agreed that Ghani will resign after a political solution is found.

chaos everywhere

There is an atmosphere of panic in Kabul after the President left the country. Taliban terrorists are seen on the streets everywhere. The Rashtrapati Niwas, which was once politically buzzing, is now also seen as terrorists with guns in their hands. There is a huge crowd of people at Kabul airport, due to which the atmosphere there is very chaotic.

Taliban appeals for talks with the international community

Meanwhile, the Taliban have declared an end to the war, saying they want to maintain peaceful relations with the international community. Reuters quoted Al Jazeera as saying that the Taliban spokesman said in an interview that his organization is ready to discuss any issue of the international community. The Taliban have also said that they do not want to live in isolation.

who will be the next president

After the Taliban’s capture of Kabul, there is also talk of declaring Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar as the country’s President. Baradar, along with a few others, started the Taliban movement in Afghanistan in 1994. Let us tell you that till the year 2001, a large part of the country was ruled by the Taliban. But after the arrival of American forces here, the Taliban was largely reduced. After two decades, the Taliban is once again in power.


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