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Due to Kerala, the situation of corona infection in the country is not improving. In the last seven days, where there has been a decrease of 22 percent in deaths due to corona epidemic, the cases of infection have increased by eight percent. The biggest reason for this is the serious situation of infection in Kerala. During the last 24 hours, 42,766 new cases have been found across the country, out of which 29,682 are from Kerala alone. At the same time, 26,701 new cases of corona virus were reported in Kerala on Sunday evening. There were 28,900 recoveries and 74 people died of corona. Active cases in Kerala are 2,47,791. The total recovery has been 39,37,996. So far, the total deaths in Kerala have gone up to 21,496. The test positivity rate in Kerala is 17.17 percent.

Cases increased by eight percent in the last seven days

According to Worldometer data, a total of 2,93,427 cases of corona infection have been found in the country in the last seven days, which is eight percent more than the 2,70,639 cases found in the previous seven days. Whereas, 2,707 people died due to the epidemic in the last seven days, which is 22 percent less than 3,461 deaths in the preceding seven days. During this period, if we talk about global figures, there has been a decrease of eight-eight percent in cases and deaths. According to the data updated by the Union Health Ministry on Sunday morning, 308 more deaths have occurred in the last one day, including the highest number of 142 deaths in Kerala. Active cases have also increased for the fifth consecutive day. Active cases have reached 4,10,048 with an increase of 4,367 which is 1.24 percent of the total cases.

Corona situation in the country

New cases in 24 hours – 42,766

Total active cases – 4,10,048

Vaccination in 24 hours – 71.61 lakh

Total vaccination 68.46 crore

(data from the Ministry of Health)

Corona situation till 08:00 am on Sunday

New cases- 42,766

Total cases- 3,29,88,673

Active Cases – 4,10,048

Deaths (in 24 hours) – 308

Total deaths – 4,40,533

Recovery rate – 97.42 percent

Mortality rate – 1.34 percent

Positivity rate – 2.45%

S.Positivity rate- 2.45%

Check (Saturday)- 17,47,476

Total Checks (Saturday)- 53,00,58,218

How many vaccines in which state till 06:00 pm on Sunday

Gujarat – 4.29 lakh

Punjab – 1.88 lakh

Maharashtra- 1.63 lakh

Jharkhand – 1.29 lakh

Rajasthan- 1.27 lakh

Madhya Pradesh- 1.21 lakh

Bihar – 0.68 lakh

Haryana- 0.53 lakh

Uttarakhand- 0.51 lakh

Chhattisgarh – 0.33 lakh (Covin platform data)


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