Indian newlyweds tortured for dowry in America

An Indian newlywed in America, being victimized by her own husband’s harassment, is scouring door to door for help in foreign countries. She had reached the US in March this year and since her husband’s expulsion from the house demanding dowry, she has neither a place to hide nor money to return to India. She has been pleading for justice in front of various agencies in the US for the past several weeks but till now she has not got any help.

The victim, who came from Bihar’s capital Patna after being sent to Indian authorities at the Indian Embassy in Washington and the Consulate in San Francisco, said her husband had abandoned her without any financial support. I have no place to go now. My parents in India have asked my father-in-law for help, but he is demanding dowry for my husband to take me back in his life.

Anamika (name changed) has also contacted the US State Department. Since the same department has issued F-1 visa to her husband. And through Freddie Mac he is doing temporary employment through Optional Practical Training (OPT). The victim has not been found anywhere till now. Harassment and abuse against the newlyweds escalated to such an extent that on June 15, the Virginia police in suburban Washington DC were called to McLain’s apartment at her husband’s home.

The victim has written in her complaint that the police had helped her to go by cab. The local Fairfax County Police has filed a criminal complaint against her husband. The victim told that her life was in danger, that day it was the police who saved her life by taking her out of there. She told that she reached America with her husband on March 1, 2021 and started living in McLean, Virginia.

Then her husband started making her a victim of domestic violence while demanding dowry from her mother. The victim told that her husband used to force her to keep the washroom open and accused her of doing something to prevent pregnancy. When the victim’s husband was questioned over the phone about this, he said that the allegations were false and hung up the phone. The victim is currently living with her close relatives in Seattle.


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