Indian student made a mask to kill corona virus

The innovation of class 12 student of Bengal Digantika Basu is special among the experiments being done in the country and the world to protect against Corona. This 17-year-old student, a resident of Memari in East Barddhaman district, has made such a mask, which not only prevents the corona virus from entering our body, but also destroys it outside. The search engine Google has ranked this mask in its online museum in the innovation category. Till now only such masks are available in the market, which cover our mouth and nose and prevent the virus from entering. Digantika’s mask also destroys the virus. If the person wearing this mask is already suffering from corona, then the virus coming out through the breath will also be destroyed as soon as it reaches the mask.

National level appreciation

Digantika is the only Indian whose mask has been recognized as unique by Google in its online museum in the innovation category. Only 10 innovations from across the world have been selected for this. The picture of the mask has been installed in the online museum. Google has congratulated Digantika in the description of the mask, describing it as a scientist of the future. This mask has also been praised by the National Innovation Foundation of the Department of Science and Technology, Central Government. Along with this, discussions have also been held with the student to prepare such masks.

The cost of the mask will be less than three hundred rupees

Digantika says that when this mask comes in the market after the trial, people will be able to buy it for less than Rs 300. She says that when she sent her project in the competition of India Innovation Foundation, there was appreciation and prize too.

Here are the features of the mask

Digantika told that the mask I have made will also prevent the entry of dust and virus in our body and will also destroy the virus. The mask has three chambers. Dust particles will stop beforehand. The second and third chambers are filled with special chemicals. The mask has a small negative ion generator. Before going into the mask, the air will pass through this part, where there is a system to stop the dust particles and further air through the thin pipe to the main part of the mask. Here two small chambers have been installed in the mask, in which the virus will be destroyed by contact with the chemical kept or a mixture of soap and water. While inhaling and exhaling the air will pass through both the separate chambers. The air must have been virus-free before it reaches our lungs through the breath. If a corona infected person wears this mask, then the virus mixed in the air coming out through the breath from inside will get destroyed by going into the fluid of the other chamber. In such a situation, the exhaled breath will also be virus free, due to which there will be no risk of infecting any other person.

Awarded by the President

Digantika’s dream is to become a scientist in the future. When she was in class four, she had made a project to charge the mobile battery under the science project in the school. In class IX, he had made a dust collecting attachment for a drill machine. For this he was given the Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Ignite Award by the then President Pranab Mukherjee. Also made a water gun to kill the corona virus. Regional Science Center Bhopal had honored Digantika last year (in the year 2020) for this innovation.

Digantika has illuminated the name of the school by making a mask that kills Corona. This can be very important for Corona Warriors and the infected. I wish Digantika a bright future.

Subrata Chatterjee, Principal, Vidyasagar Memorial Institution Unit II, Purva Barddhaman

Information has been received about the masks made by Digantika. If the student needs a lab for any experiment, we will help.


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