Indians in South Africa fiercely violence, a dozen blacks died

Violence on the streets between African blacks and Indians has once again taken a formidable form in the South African city of Phoenix over the Jacob Zuma case. About a dozen African blacks who were injured in this violence have died. Armed with tools like bat, hockey stick, hammer, a furious mob of Indians brutally thrashed a group of black youths sitting in a minibus taxi after stopping it. The fight was so horrific that about a dozen of those killed were killed.

Tools like bat, hockey, hammer became a nuisance of the furious mob

In the streets of Phoenix, Indian groups have tensed and blocked them and are searching and targeting African people. Dlamini and his friends in a mini taxi bus were surrounded and beaten up during the fresh violence that erupted after WhatsApp messages went viral. Some of Dlamini’s friends managed to escape with their lives. According to some eyewitnesses and video footage, there were warnings on WhatsApp for the past few days that African blacks could attack Indians in a few days. And the purpose of the report to be filed on behalf of those blacks would be to rob the shops of their community.

Tension increased due to WhatsApp messages, 56 people arrested

It is said that Dlamini was badly injured and could barely cross the road to save his life when he died. His family has given this information. Following the violence, the Prime Minister of the Phoenix province of KwaZulu, Sihle Jikala, said those killed were innocent and had come for tourism. According to the police minister, 33 of the 36 people who were attacked were African blacks. Police have now arrested about 56 people in this regard.

There was a lot of bloodshed in the Jacob Zuma case

It is noteworthy that this summer there was fierce violence between Indians and African blacks in the city of Phoenix against former African President Jacob Zuma being sent to jail after he refused to appear in a corruption case. Then President Cyril Ramaphosa had to issue a statement to give a message for peace in the country. Before the month of July, more than 340 people were killed in these riots.


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