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Along with the search for effective treatments to combat the corona virus (Kovid-19), possibilities are also being explored in existing medicines. Researchers engaged in this exercise have seen a ray of hope in a drug used to reduce blood fat. They claim that corona infection can be reduced by 70 percent by using this drug. This oral medication is used to treat abnormal levels of fatty substances in the blood.

Researchers from the University of Birmingham, UK

According to a team led by researchers from the University of Birmingham, UK, laboratory tests on human cells have found that fenofibrate and its active form fenofibric acid can significantly reduce corona infection.

Fenofibrate drug can reduce severe symptoms of corona

Researcher Alyssa Wisenjic of Italy’s San Rafael Scientific Institute, who was involved in this study, said, ‘Our results suggest that the drug fenofibrate may be useful in reducing the severe symptoms of corona and preventing the spread of this virus.’ “It is an oral drug, which is very affordable and safe and is available worldwide. This can especially help poor countries. Researchers said that if this drug is found true in clinical trials, then it may be useful for people who are not advised to get the vaccine. This drug is currently being used in the treatment of high levels of cholesterol and lipids in the blood.


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