Iraq: Islamic State attack on checkpoint in Kirkuk city!

The world’s dangerous terrorist organization Islamic State has carried out a deadly attack on a checkpoint in the Iraqi city of Kirkuk. 13 policemen have died in this attack. According to the news agency AFP, ISIS has attacked a checkpoint near the city of Kirkuk in northern Iraq. So far 13 police personnel have been reported dead in this attack.

Police sources said police stationed in a village in the town of Rashad, 30 km (18 miles) south-west of the northern city of Kirkuk, clashed for two hours between the attackers. Police sources said the militants used roadside bombs and destroyed three police vehicles to prevent the police force from reaching the post. Although the group has not yet claimed responsibility for the attack, Islamic State militants are active in the area and a security source said IS terrorists were involved.

Iraqi forces regularly conduct anti-IS operations in the mountains of the northern region and in the deserts of western Iraq. IS is very active in these areas and terrorists are hiding here. Attacks by the terrorist group have decreased in recent years, but IS continues to carry out attacks in these areas. In these areas, security forces are often the target of ambush terrorists and roadside bombings.


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