Know the open way for effective treatment to compete with Corona

Since the beginning of the corona virus (Kovid-19), continuous research is being done in search of effective treatment to combat it. Researchers engaged in this exercise have claimed to have achieved a big success. This discovery among researchers has raised hopes of an end to the corona epidemic. They have identified important drug-binding pockets in viral proteins found in samples from corona victims, which could pave the way for the development of more effective therapies against the virus.

Research has been done at the University of Toronto, Canada

According to researchers from the University of Toronto in Canada, this has raised hopes of developing a safe and effective vaccine. Through this the corona epidemic can end. The study, published in the journal Proteome Research, analyzed viral proteins in samples from 27 species of corona virus and thousands of corona infected. In this, these very safe pockets associated with the protein of the corona were identified. These can be simplified into new medicines.

Identification of binding pockets will cure

The researchers said the drug-binding pocket could be identified through the 3D structure of the viral protein. However, over time, the virus can change its protein pocket. This change does not affect the effect of drugs. He explained that some drug-binding pockets are so essential for protein-related function that they cannot be changed. These pockets usually become conserved over time in viruses. Corona can be fought by targeting it.

At the end of 2019, the corona virus that originated from China engulfed the whole world within two-three months. So far, the number of infected people all over the world has increased to 195,346,146 and the death toll has gone up to 4,182,831. America tops the list of most infected countries in the world. So far, the total number of positive cases has gone up to 35,287,269 and then the death toll is 627,039.


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