Landslide in Parbat district of Nepal, six killed and two missing, relief work begins

The Taliban, which has talked about the inclusion of women in the new government of Afghanistan, seems to be retracting it. This is because he has not taken any decision about it yet. This is the reason why Afghan women have even protested against this double stance of the Taliban. The Taliban say that they are considering it but it is clear that they will not give them any major responsibility. Let us tell you that after the capture of Kabul, the Taliban said that they want a bigger role for women in society.

During a conversation with a private channel, Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai, one of the senior leaders of the Taliban, has clearly said that women can work but they cannot hold high positions in the government. Significantly, many countries of the world have expressed concern about the condition of women under the Taliban regime. Now Stanikzai’s statement clarifies a lot about this. Last month, a statement regarding women was also given by Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid. It said that women could work only under Islamic rules. Mujahid said that she can continue her work while staying in this circle.

Another Taliban leader, Inamulla Samangani, had to say that those who have the spirit of leadership can play an important role in the new government of Afghanistan. He also said that women can work according to Sharia law. Samangani heads the Talibani’s Cultural Commission. Against the Taliban’s attitude towards women, women in the province of Harat took to the streets demanding that they should also be given equal rights as men. These women said that the Taliban should not be afraid of them, they are with them. These women had banners, posters and placards in their hands. These women also said that no government can survive without the participation of women.

According to Tolo News, Nuria Najhat, an official in the former government of Afghanistan, said that the Taliban is not taking any open decision about whether women will work or not. Najahat has been the head of the media house. He told that there is no consensus within the Taliban about what kind of role women should play in society and government. The same is the case in the field of education. Former ambassador to Afghanistan, Shukriya Barakzai, says that the Taliban should also include women in the government.


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