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Taliban 2.0, which has captured Kabul on the basis of gun, may be saying that it will take a soft stand towards women and will also give them freedom, but no one believes in this. The reason for this is very clear. The people of Afghanistan are well aware of the brutality of Taliban terrorists. The memories of two decades ago and the wounds found during that time are still not filled in the hearts of these people. Let us tell you that only time has changed in the Taliban before and today, nothing else. Earlier also Taliban used to target women in the name of Sharia law and this time also its intentions are very clear.

The whole world knows the truth of Taliban

Not only Afghans but the whole world is aware of the brutality of Talibani. That is why no one is happy with the Taliban gaining power. Not only this, the people there and the international world also wants that the Taliban should not only be removed from power but it should be completely eliminated. Let us tell you that the Taliban captured Kabul on 15 August. Since that time Taliban has been saying that it will give freedom to women to study and work. Apart from this, the Taliban has also called for women to become partners in their government. The Taliban has said that it will give freedom to women under Islamic law, Shariat.

big difference between words and deeds

After a few hours of these statements, the Taliban has also returned to its old deeds. Just 48 hours after the capture of Kabul, a man was publicly hanged. Apart from this, burning a woman alive when there is less salt in the food is a direct proof of this. The Taliban, which declared women’s freedom to work, did not even allow women working in Afghanistan’s state TV and radio to enter the office. Posters and images of women in shops in Afghanistan have been darkened after the Taliban arrived.

What does Taslima say?

Renowned author Taslima Nasreen has said that the Taliban had said that they would respect women. He is doing exactly that. He is threatening women, abusing them, killing them, torturing them. This is his respect for women. He has written in one of his tweets that this time the Taliban is worse than ever.

former judge of Afghanistan

Former Afghan judge Nazla Ayobi has even said in an interview to a channel that after the arrival of the Taliban, the number of crimes against women has also increased significantly. He has also told that the Taliban is forcibly getting people to cook food for their terrorists. Not only this, for the sake of his young terrorists, he is also forcibly forcing young women to marry.

Taliban considers women as a commodity

Ayobi said that the Taliban treats women as a mere commodity and treats them as such. They don’t think the Taliban can fulfill any of its promises. Ayobi herself is one of those women who hide in fear of the Taliban. Let us also tell you here that after the capture of Taliban, there has been a sudden big change in Afghanistan. Women are once again hiding from the burqa. In the past, the world has seen CNN’s foreign journalist reporting in a burqa.

very bad phase

During its previous regime, the Taliban had banned women from going out of their homes alone, studying, watching matches, listening to music, singing and playing sports. Women who did not obey his orders were publicly killed. It was also very common to publicly scold him for some kind of mistake.


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