Madhya Pradesh: Pregnant women are getting dose of corona vaccine

The Uttar Pradesh government has come up with a new population policy (2021-2030). Announcing its objectives, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh said that with this policy, the supply of resources, prevention of population explosion, basic facilities like bread, education, health will be easily distributed to the general public. In 1968, Paul R Ehrich in his research paper ‘The Population Bomb’ equated population explosion with uncontrolled cancer. Overpopulation creates poverty, environmental degradation and political instability. It also causes an increase in unemployment and crime.

With the coming of the population control policy, the voice of protest has also started appearing by some people. Some even called it a hindrance in the rule of law. We know that natural resources and environment which are necessary to save the life of human beings are also the law of law. Destroying water, forest and land will not save even man. Increasing population affects all of them. Due to the huge population growth, the government facilities provided by the government are also becoming inadequate. In the recent times, during the time of corona infection being very effective, the government health facilities were inadequate even after making adequate efforts. It is not that this challenge has emerged only in the field of healthcare. These challenges are also in the field of education. How much pressure of large population has increased on public transport is not hidden from anyone. These challenges are also related to the development of infrastructure in the face of rapidly growing population.

It is not that more population is increasing the burden on only those things which are to be given by the government. Talking about natural resources, the challenge of food, water, fuel etc. is also increasing in front of the country. The scope of social inequality is also increasing in the country. Every political party promises to provide employment while releasing the election manifesto, but does not succeed in it. Because employment generation is limited. Therefore, due to the increase in the number of unemployed, they cannot be coordinated.

To understand the formidable problem of population explosion in India, one has to pay attention to the statistics. According to the data of Census 2011, the population growth rate in India has been 17.2%. It can be understood as follows on an annual basis. According to the United Nations Population Report, India’s population growth rate has increased from 1.2 to 1.36 between 2010 and 2019, which is twice that of China. According to this figure, the population of India in 2020 has been around 138 crores.

Many people also see the population control policy with beliefs and support or oppose it on this basis. The religious imbalance of the growing population also creates apprehension in the minds of a section of people. Organized response to incidents and mass voting in elections only reinforce this apprehension. We should support or oppose population policy on the basis of gender, language, region or faith or on the basis of social interest and future challenges. The Government of Uttar Pradesh has made arrangements to encourage the helpful elements in the population control policy and discourage those who do not follow it. Along with this system, efforts will also have to be made to create public awareness in the society. Conscious individuals and organizations should take initiative in this direction.


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