Mission Kabul, Pakistan is bracing for the use of Taliban in anti-India activities

India will not talk to any country with its eyes, nor will it talk with its eyes, now it will talk with its eyes. This aggressive change in the stance of Indian foreign policy since 2014 shows its visionary foreign policy. This shows his confidence in not making any distinction between poor, rich, developed and developing countries. Prime Minister Modi’s rapid foreign trips put him in the front row of the world’s popular heads of government. In a country where no Indian Prime Minister had visited for decades, he reached there and inquired about his well being. It is said that an investment made in good times comes in handy in bad times.

Whenever bad times came in front of India, its traditional friendly countries not only stood together, unexpectedly unfamiliar countries also became helpful. The corona epidemic is just an example of this when all the countries of the world helped India with medical resources. It is the confession and glory of the new foreign policy and diplomacy that its relations with the Gulf countries have become so strong, the hallmark of which was seen in the OIC conference, when India’s invitation was not canceled despite the opposition of Pakistan’s traditional member of this organization. Gaya. This same income of his is being used for him at the time of Afghanistan problem.

This is the reason why he is able to reach every Indian to a safe place in the turmoil created by the coming under Taliban rule after the withdrawal of American troops. India has ancient social, economic and political ties with Afghanistan. We have been saving the treasure of cordial relations till date, only then India opened the vault for the reconstruction of the shattered Afghanistan. Its creative steps have also been praised by the Taliban. However now the picture has changed. Pakistan is blaming the use of Taliban in anti-India activities.

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Sachin Kumar Kashyap told that Afghanistan is a friendly country of India. India has been providing financial assistance and diplomatic strength to Afghanistan from time to time through investments. With its help, India has been able to maintain global diplomatic pressure on Pakistan as well. Therefore, India should maintain its diplomatic activity in the present Afghan problem, so that the problem arising from the Afghan region in future can also be overcome.

Gaurishankar Antaj said that India’s foreign policy is based on the principle of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. It is also true that at present, India is capable of facing challenges at any level. In Afghanistan also, India will easily win over the gimmicks of China and Pakistan. At present, it is India’s duty to cooperate with the people of Afghanistan and the Government of India has also kept it among its priorities.

Vijay Kumar Dhania said that the policies of Pakistan and China have always been in favor of Taliban. The way the Taliban has captured Afghanistan, it is no less than a challenge for India. However, the Government of India is considering all the possibilities and the government will take appropriate steps in this matter as well. Even the cleverness of China and Pakistan cannot beat the diplomatic capability of India.


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